Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Air Duct Cleaning

I didn't know that a house has an average of at least ten or more air ducts depending on the size of the house of course. Our house is quite large and it has a total air ducts of 14. Before we moved in here five months ago, my husband made sure that the house is cleaned including the air ducts. He hired a professional house maid and people to do the air ducts too. Man, I couldn't believe how thick the dusty all over the house and worse in the air ducts. It looked like it hasn't been cleaned for a decade which is very apparent when the the people opened the screen for air ducts. It was really yucky, indeed.

If you live in San Antonio and wants to have your air ducts done, please contact or vist air duct cleaning san antonio. Wish you can find that cleanliness you want to achieve especially the air ducts to keep your kids from asthma or allergy attack caused by dusts.

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