Monday, June 28, 2010

Different Sizes In Bikini

Summer reveals different sizes of men and women in bikini. I have seen a lot of fat assess rather than firm and sexy ones in water parks. Why is that? Based in my personal experience, American women are slimmer and sexier before they have a child but once they get pregnant and after having a baby, they turned into a giant monster that seemed too hard to get back to their pre-pregnancy body. No offense meant to people who are obese but that is just what I see wherever I go.

If you want to argue with this, just take a look at the photos below.... solid proof of them..

....... I guess you have an idea of who that woman in orange stripe top (me-- 2 years after having my baby, I am not sexy but I can still call myself thin) above versus the woman behind her.. American versus Asian size are way too different...
........ I find these two photos right here to be sexy although the lifeguard below looks in her teenage years yet she looks athletic..

.........and here are the bigger women carrying their kids with layers of fat around their waist and belly. I always thought that "mine" is so big that I try to control how much food I eat now but I shouldn't feel pity for myself for I know there are those a lot worse than me....

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