Friday, April 8, 2011

Splashin' In Summer

It really feels like summer is getting near and I hate it. It is my most dreaded season of the year due to the fact that it can get real hot here in Texas every summer. For three months we should expect that triple digit every day which for me is too much! While some states still have their white snow on the ground, here in our area we already have above 80's temperature for the whole week. I can't believe I feel hot now and then and the fact that I need to turn on our ceiling fans makes me to just jump in an icy tub and stay there for an hour.

With all these being said, I cannot stop the earth from moving... summer will be here in the next months whether I like it or not. So to beat the heat, a nice splashin' in summer in above ground swimming pools can be a good alternative. I wish we can have one of those above ground pools so Jadyn and I can get to enjoy ourselves in our backyard.

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