Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carpet Installation

When we moved in this house a year ago, we were so happy for we finally have our place that is much bigger house and larger yard for the family for we both knew our family needs it as they grow. We have done so much to make it as comfortable as it is now even though there will still be more major jobs to be done in the future when we have money yet we are good as it is for the meantime. We painted the walls, carpet installed, cleaned the backyard and removed that old nasty smell from previous occupants. I think the most painful job we have done was removing the carpet, it was so gross that we are glad it was over. Then after ripping that off, we had to look around for carpets to cover the floors where there were nails poking out so dangerous from our little girl. When we found the store where we bought the carpet from we were relieved but then we had to also look for someone who can install the carpet. We had two choices for Carpet Installation but the first would charged us so much so my husband looked for a small independent carpet installation business locally to do the job for us and he did. That guy didn't work in large well-known company but his work was as good as the ones in the bigger ones.

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