Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our A/C Is On

I hate turning on our A/C. As much as possible I'd like to save energy by opening doors and windows in the house all day but days here in Texas are getting hotter as we get into mid April. I think I have no choice but turn it on anyway to be comfortable. You wouldn't believe if I tell you, we reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday and it was then late in the afternoon I realized both me and my girl were sweating in our nose so I had no choice but turn it on.

The A/C has been on since then, today is a bit warmer than yesterday so putting A/C at work is a good idea. I guess I am gonna let it running until the temperature cools down to 70's. It is crazy because now that it is warm, I long to have a bit of snow. Some people in other states are tired of snow, I can almost hear them screaming on my Facebook.

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PinayWAHM said...

Mommy Anne! Naku dito sa amin matagal ng naka-on ang AC...no choice man kasi ang hinit!!!

Ako din di na napapadpad dito...actually sa lahat ng blogs kasi tamad na ko mag hop ngayon....matanda na kasi ako....hahaha.

Heniwey...ayos lang kami dito. Laki na tyan mo ah....lapit na maging big sister si Denden....wooot! Asawa ko kaya kelan manganganak para maging Ate na din tong aming unica hija.....hehehe....


Mommy J


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