Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blue Looks Good

I love how postmen or letter carriers look on their blue Postal Uniform. They look neat, very respectable and I don't find them irritating. Blue is my favorite color and I am glad the USPS chose this color to be their everyday uniform. Whenever they come deliver our mails, I know pretty well that it's the postman coming in front of our house and that I feel confident with them and I feel safer and trusting to them knowing that they are men working for the government to bring good news, bills or whatever they have for us every day.

I can easily recognize them wherever because of their distinguished Postal Uniforms wherever they are. Just like any other uniforms like policemen, navy or firefighter uniforms they have someplace else where they can order theirs. I have been to a place where the store just exclusively sell uniforms for people working in the government and a postal uniform was one of the uniforms that are available in that one particular store we went to.

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