Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Family

"Happy" -- the only right word I can describe my family. We live our lives with love and appreciative of the things we have. Even the big Princess, Jadyn feels it. She often say, I'm happy right here mommy, daddy! Thank God for the gift of family, they fill the void in my heart and they complete me. There is one coming that will add to our happiness, I am anxious for the very day.

We are truly happy- that's how we are and that is obvious. I cannot trade my family with anything in this world for without them I won't be whole again. We don't need those luxurious things in the world or have lots of money to be happy, just by being together that's what makes us happy.

One weekend, the happy family went to visit a beautiful garden perfect for the little kid run around and chase birds, for the mommy to breathe some air and for the daddy to have an exercise!

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