Sunday, April 17, 2011

Well Protected From The Sun

I made the right decision dressing Jadyn on long sleeves, tights, socks, shoes, sunglasses and hat yesterday to the Air Expo for the heat was pinching our flesh. It was 78 degrees Fahrenheit probably but it felt like it was hotter than that although the breeze was cooler but that didn't help at all. We were out for 4 hours in the sun with only very little shade that an umbrella gave us. My husband got burned the most especially in his face, he was all red when we returned home yesterday, poor guy!

Jadyn on the other hand, not a single sunburn you can see on her skin. She was well-protected from the sun plus she used my umbrella most of the time we were sitting on the concrete while watching the planes. Next time we will go to an event like the Air Show, we would make sure that we bring three umbrellas for us so we will be at least have some shade.

1 comment:

Sara Chapman said...

Good for you for bringing an umbrella for sun, at least for your little girl. Broad-brimmed hats help, too. I always have mine because I HATE sunburn.


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