Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Simple Chore

I assign my big Princess to do the dusting of our tv stand every morning (for some reason the t.v loves to attract dusts no matter how I try cleaning it, the next morning I see some dusts in there again). Two consecutive days she is doing it then this morning she dusted her own keyboard and computer. A simple chore every day can make a difference. This will teach her to be independent and help her mommy. Eventually she will learn doing big things in this house so I will be freed from doing some of the chores, simple chores a girl like Jadyn can do. I believe she likes her job for I don't see or hear her complaining when I tell her to clean the tv. In fact, she is the one who voluntarily do it herself, she would just find that very cloth for the dusting and she will do it. Lucky mommy I am!

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