Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheap Ink

I was first introduced to computers when I started freshman in college. Back then, being able to use a computer is such a great accomplishment for we were poor and we didn't have one at home. There were few units in my high school but I wasn't able to touch/hold even a mouse. It was like ten students in one computer unit ratio so I decided to enroll at a computer school in college.

I had a hard time understanding how it worked, I didn't even know how turn the power button on/off, much worse no idea how to make my own presentation, I had to constantly ask my laboratory seat mate how certain things are done. When we had projects, I would go to a cafe where somebody can assist me and I always asked for a cheap ink so I could only pay less for each of the page printed. There were inkjet cartridges available in my time and I thought, they make good print outs for 5 pesos per page. That price for me was too much!

Now that I am in America, buying a printer ink seem to be not a problem anymore for we can just find a cheap ink for our printer almost everywhere. Also stores would offer their customers to buy in bulk in order to save more which for me is a great idea when it comes to buying an ink.

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