Monday, April 18, 2011

Canadian Pharmacy

I just refilled my prenatal vitamins the other day. I've been taking my vitamins consistently and it every time I only got one stab left for five days it worries me. It's just that these vitamins are kind of pricey. If there is no insurance and ten dollar coupon off each refill would cost us a freaking $50 for each month. Amazing how expensive they are!

Since we were busy this last weekend, I just ordered them by calling it in the pharmacy of our choice, it's so convenient to do that rather than going personally to the place and have it refilled. I guess it is the same way as a Canadian pharmacy too or better Canadian people can just refill their prescription drugs or vitamins on aCanadian internet pharmacy. I wonder if they also have pricey Canadian vitamins like what I am taking? Anyway, there should also be Cheap Canadian drugs available in their country since not all people can afford their medications.

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