Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Such A Sweetie

(this photo was captured at a Filipino restaurant in San Antonio days ago..)

My baby! My baby! Such a sweetie she is! She rarely have her bad mood. I love her to the max that I want no other baby for a while so I can give all my love and attention to her until she is old enough and ready to have a sibling. I like it when she smiles like that in a picture and she piss me off when I'm in no mood for crying baby haha!

Don't worry my anak, mama and dada love you so much! You make this family happy and complete.


KCee said...


Your daughter is really adorable! :)

By the way, I've already moved to a new domain. Please update my link to www.barefootedme.com.

Hope you can also add my new blog 'In My Red Heels'- www.kcee.info to your blogroll. I've already linked you up there.

Thanks have a great week! :)

""rare*jonRez"" said...

ah i love that kind if smile that denden has! really priceless...

NovaS said...

darling,, imong anak is so adorable... kalami i-hug ahhh

Carrie Smith said...

Oh my is she ever growing. Look at that smile and those teeth!

what a cutie :0)

Garden Gnome said...

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PS. What a beautiful little girl! I just love the smile :)

Shinade said...

What a beauty just simply precious.
Happy week end:-)


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