Friday, October 3, 2008

Up In The Marketplace Again

I am confused and I don't understand what's up with the big blogging site nowadays. First, I found out that my name appeared on the top 10 list of today's highest earners while in fact I grabbed no opps since I got up very late and opps were already gray. Secondly, I was kind of crossing my eyebrows when I was about to submit the only opp I have for today when I have other option in which blog should I want to post my entry on.

What's wrong? I am no longer hoping that they'll put me back in the marketplace again since the day they removed my 2 other blogs from their system. However, I'm hoping that atleast the other blog remaining will stay but hmmm I got 2 blogs now. Could it be that they made a mistake cutting off my blogs? Or they realized that I'm one of their older postie and that they want to keep me. Whatever their reason is, they're the only ones who know it. Thanks anyway for putting this blog to the marketplace once again.


anne said...

gurl nakahuna huna siguro ug tarong mao gibalik nila ehehhe

Utah Mommy said...

Good news diay dai kay gibalik man nila imo isa ka blog. Anyway wala naman kaayo nada ang ppp noh, wala na kaayo gani ko offer pero thankful pa rin kay wala nila hilabti akong mga blogs tanan. Sige go na sa imong blogging kay balik na isa nimo ka blog.

Maricel said...

Hi dear! Thanks for being part of the Momhood Moments Blog Party! Here is the list of the attendees, please don't forget to place the code on your side bar. :) thanks!

Code found HERE.

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