Saturday, October 11, 2008


When we go to a restaurant specifically buffet restos, I can see a lot of different people of any size come to dine in. When I'm there, I feel confident of myself since buffet restaurants are fat people's favorite hangouts. There they can eat anything they want without limit. And that I am too small compared to them, that is why.

When I'm home alone and look at myself in the mirror, I feel disappointed because I see fats covered me. When I try my old small clothes on, I could see the layers folding each side of my body. I really want to exercise extra hard now so to get back to my old self before baby.


Nita said...

Correct gyud ka ana Anne. Grabe, daghan gyud kaayo mga tambok sa buffet. Ang uban gani nag scooter na kay dili na makalakaw tungod sa katambok...yuck!

Ako, bisan gamay ko I'm so proud kay at least healthy and wala koy problema kung dili maka-exercise...hehehe.

Gem said...

I also gained weight. I don't think it was from the baby; I lost fat and got slim after childbirth.

I think it would come from the stress from the job and from not having time to exercise.


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