Monday, October 27, 2008

Could be Be Hit By A Virus

I'm on my husband's computer right now because my laptop messed up. It was working good earlier then I downloaded this stupid software that I just made from PPP called Drive Migration software. I am desperate of emptying my hard drive so to free other photos that I might put in my computer later but look what happened, it screwed up my computer.

It's a virus for it totally disabled my computer. It would'nt start up and need an installation disc. The black screen with highlighted words in it saying WINDOWS ERROR RECOVERY recent hardware or software change might have caused it. I don't have the installation disc right here, it could be missing or my computer didn't come with the disc.

Annie has 3 and she's gonna give me one but I just have to wait until Thursday before I can have it in hand. It pissed me off and truly ruin my day! Grrr I hate computer criminals!

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