Monday, October 6, 2008

What Shall I do?

I've chatted to my old friend in the Philippines last night and when she saw me on the webcam she called me "tambok" fat or chubby in english. It's been a long time since she had last seen me on the cam that is why she uttered that I'm tambok. She said that I look good though, it's not bad at all huh! She said I look like "dalaga" now compared than how I look before, too skinny!

Then I asked my husband if I'm that fat now and he said I'm fine. Though I know it's not the kind of body that he wanted. He wants pure bones and skin hahah which I don't like because I'm tired of it. Now my problem is how I'm gonna be able to lose the baby bump that Jadyn left for me?

I still have a little bit of bump and softness in each side of my body..ewww haha! This is the price of having such very pretty baby,Deden!

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