Sunday, October 19, 2008

Licky Licky Dog

(a photo captured in action, our dog Chichai licking/playing with my baby...)
Chichai our dog is such a naughty dog for she loves to lick so much. If she doesn't bother me, she would go to my baby and lick everywhere including her mouth especially when Deden has food in her mouth. I caught her many times licking Deden but the baby won't just react to it.
I told about this to my friends and they are bothered of the rabbies might get into Deden's mouth but hmmm no! She had her vaccine for rabies and she's a clean dog. She is an inside dog and would only eat dog food and water.


Twerlyn said...

bestfriend jud clang deden o.. maau makig share sad ug fud c bb oi..murag naa na jud buot ba

Maria said...

hala unsaon na lang ka sweet nilang duha may pa licking licking pa hehehe


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