Thursday, October 23, 2008

Found My 2 Highschool Crushes On Friendster

You guys if you will not find me in your EC drop inbox or on your tagboard or in my yahoo messenger, rest assured that I am peacefully browsing photos on friendster. Friendster is the only place that I so enjoy staying all day long. It's because this is where I can get some news from my old friends and old schoolmates back home.

So far, I got reconnected to a bunch of them. Mostly are having their own profession now.Teachers, office workers, musician,unemployed, married with kids and others are still single. The most exciting people that I discovered recently are 2 of my highschool crushes. I like digging someone else's profile hoping I could find people I know on their lists and yes I found John Randy and Jake on the internet.

Why I do this? Because I am so curious and eager to know what is going on with their lives after 8 years I lost sight of them. Jake is probably finishing his nursing course or is already working as a local nurse and John Randy is working at an industrial company in Lapu-lapu City.

Huh, I got a comment from JR on my friendster profile and he said as quoted "hayahaya gud amerikano man bana natoman na gyud imo gipangandoy sauna nga maka bana ug amerikano noh? gae ko diha amerikana b. naa diay ka sa states ron with your husband. galing mo talaga friend bilib talaga ako sayo.... ".

These were the guys who never laid their eyes on me during those times when I was so crazy over them. These were the guys who teased me and wouldn't even took time giving their attention to me and worst, gipanghimaraot kay nganu na crush ko nila. They were such a bully if I may say so!

I feel in heaven right now knowing that I am more fortunate than them. Having a wonderful family of my own, a nice husband, a beautiful daughter and living in America. Bleeeh buli nila baho for I've gone to the farthest country I've never thought I can step foot into.

If you are curious enough to see their faces, just ask me on my ym or leave your message here and I'll lead you to their profile on friendster, ok?


Sweetiepie said...

Wow! nakita na nmo ang imong crush jud diay huh? pait jud ning pobre diay ta day noh ay wla jud molingi nato daun karon nga namenyo nata ayha pa cla mo pansin nga ulahi na? wla cla gabae......hehehheeh

SHIELA said...

mirisi nila ann...hehehe.


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