Monday, April 27, 2009

The Not So Good Monday

There is only one good thing about my Monday here so far, it's just that I am alive and was able to get up from bed and do my usual thing in the computer. Other than that, hmmpp let me write one by one.. my back is aching from curling up position the whole night like that of a fetus. I do this to comfort myself or when in heartache. I got two big sores in my tongue caused from biting too hard in it last couple of days so eating for me is kinda difficult. Eyes are hurting so bad from crying and hmmpp if you wonder why, don't ask me. I'll keep it to myself nalang!

Another thing is my baby isn't feeling very good. I wonder how she got caught with cough and cold. All I know is when we got back from grocery shopping yesterday, she already had cold then evening came, she barked like our dog. At this point, she is still sleeping and it's already 11:40 a.m. Good for her so she can get the lost sleep from last night's coughing.

Haaayyzzz why life has to be difficult. It sucks seeing my baby being sick.


""rare*jonRez"" said...

ouch! that's indeed not so good reason to start your week anne! i hope you'll get better soon, esp. the kiddo! i had severe tongue and mouth sores a couple weeks ago, kadtong sge mi byahe tungod sa pagkaon nga permi lang instant. kanang from fastfood chains and all nga daghan kaayo asin. hasta kasamad sa akong dila oi. pila jud ko ka adlaw nag-antus tawon. mouthwash ok ra pud baya katabang ra pud.

as for ur crying moment, di nalang ko mo-ask kay basin pati ako makahilak pud! :)

walamat diay sa congrats wishes! excited na lagi mi sa among wisconsin life! :) naa unta offer si bana naku diha sa houston area pero wa na namo gi-grab. hehe... lami unta kay duol sa beach unya warm, pero basin init ra pud kaayo. hahaha!

jenn_US said...

i feel bad for you and ur baby. hope both of u will be feeling well soon.

by the way, anne, i know you've been to PI not too long ago, just wondering where did you get your plane tickets? was it a good deal? we'll be going home in November, wala pa ko kabalo asa ko palit ug ticket na dili kaau mahal. hope u have any idea. thanks daan.

Twerlyn said...

hala get well sa imong heartache Anne..about kang jadyn unta ma ayo na cia.

PinayWAHM said...

Oo nga. It's really hard seeing our little one's are sick. Hopefully, you're feeling better na today.

Ako eto kati ng kati...hahaha...

Mommy J

♀ simply luz ♀ said...

i can feel u. so sad:(

get well the soon my newly found friend- thru madie..hehe

god bless;)

♀ simply luz ♀ said...

**get well soon the soonest possible time***

sayop dah!..hehe


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