Wednesday, April 22, 2009

save your future

Do you have a family history of stroke, diabetes, heart disease or breast cancer? These are the questions that I need to think seriously because my parents suffering one of the mentioned diseases above. My father especially, has had a stroke a year and a half ago and for that I constantly worry about his health. He is currently under medication and honestly, I have no idea as to how long he can live after 2 several episodes of stroke.

If I cannot correct the past, maybe then I can prevent myself or my children and husband to experience the same thing as my father did. Since, I know that there is something I can do to keep this from happening in the future, I would rather act now than regret later. Through C'elle stem cell collection, I can make a difference. C'elle is offering you an affordable way to protect your or our future. For just $299 ($400 off the regular price!!! ) and enter the Promo Code CN400.

What does C'elle do? It collects collects and saves potentially life saving stems found naturally in menstrual blood. We women are sure glad to know about this and I would want to get a kit for myself very soon and get started in preserving my menstrual cell.


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