Thursday, April 16, 2009

Visit My Little Sister's Blog

An aspiring little kutitap has now entered the blogging world. She is my little sister named Alexia, 9 years old living in the Philippines. She started blogging in February and continuously doing it until now. As a matter of fact, she keeps her blog updated daily.

What makes her blog unique is that, it is solely written by her. Unlike other kiddie blogs, she is the one and real author of her own blog where she puts everything in her thoughts everyday in a kid's life. As young as 9 years old she is able to construct her own english sentences which is very unusual for a filipino kid of her age to write. Although there are some grammatical mistakes in her words but its sure enough understandable to know what she means.

Friends, I would like you to visit her humble home called: Alex, The Little Kutitap blog. I promise you will enjoy staying in her blog by simply reading the little girl's writing! She will appreciate it if you leave your comments there as well.


Shoshana said...

Annie, I went, but the comment form doesn't work. My daughter's 11...she's going to love reading your sister's blog.

Midas said...

I enjoy your sister's blog. It reads like my daughter's first journal (she let me read it later one when she was done with the books).


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