Thursday, July 2, 2009

Triple Digit Heat Today

Umaga palang, feel ko na ang init ni haring Araw! Ah tagalog na ha! waa hehehe... seriously, it's gonna be a triple digit heat here in Texas and I'm not loving it. When I took the baby outside at 8 this morning, I can feel that heat as if the sun is at its peak already.
Yesterday was awesome. It was only around 80s and used only the ceiling fans. No way I could turn the small airconditioners on because it was just mildly bearable. I doubt if we can go out in the front yard later today because for sure it's not gonna be nice outside.


a49erfangirl said...

Yuck on the heat. Stay cool!

Hendrawan said...

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

ayayay ka-init jud ana anne oi, di na jud naku na carry. we're currently here in wisconsin and guess what, i luv the temperature and the weather in general over here! it's high 70s today and though we were out most times, wa jud ko ni-reklamo kay di man sakit ang init ba kay naa pud bugnaw kaayo nga hangin. basta, nice kaayo lagi diri ang summer, pero sa winter unya puhon, atimanon jud ning taga-abaga nga snow. saon!

happy 4th of july kaninyong tanan diha!

Petula said...

Ouch! Triple digits?! Stay cool.

Maria said...

init jud kaau gwapa oi :( makabuang!


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