Friday, July 10, 2009


I feel my baby's struggle right now. I've been there once when I was a young girl. Always I find trouble releasing my waste that my parents needed to help me with an onion bulb only to let it out. It's very depressing because no matter how I wanted to poop, I couldn't. I just couldn't and it hurts so bad in the bottom just like what Jadyn is feeling right now.

If only I could shoulder her burden so she doesn't suffer, I would have done that to make her feel at ease. Believe me or not, she could only poop once or twice a week of course with a help of laxative. They say mango helps defecating but it's of no help at all.

Just too bad though she got the dilemma from me. Why her? Of all people, why my Jadyn naka kuha sa ako pagka toblonon before?

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

moingon unta ko every baby maka-agi jud ana anne. pero kung si jadyn niliwat sa imo, na.. luoy jud kay luoy ayo mag-tan aw ug baby nga constipated oi. i used suppositories w/ my triz before and helped big time. maybe you can try it w/ jadyn, too. dali ra jud kaayo, gawas lagi ng igit ba! haha! :))


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