Monday, October 17, 2011

Laptop Carts

I am amazed how my own country is so behind from the rest of the world when it comes to the development of technology. One best example is that there are hospitals or banks that are still using the traditional way of keeping records of patients/clients. In order to be efficient and fast, they should have upgraded to using laptop instead of jotting down information manually every time a patient comes in. I have been to a few hospitals here in the US and I saw laptop carts being pushed by doctors or any professionals in the medical field. One thing I can point out is the laptop cart in the delivery room I was at when I gave birth to my little Pearl. I even saw one corner where they have a laptop storage and I was like, WOW! It was so neat and organized. I thought it was so clever of the staff to come up with the idea of using such a storage for their laptops in order to keep them safe and organized.

I look at laptop storage online at and I guess this is exactly what those doctors or nurses used in the hospital. Well, if they bought their carts from this store then they picked the right store to shop for storage.

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