Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shaggy Rugs Are On The List

Looking at the things we have, what caught my attention the most are our rugs. The ones we are using right now are old, dusty, lots of stain in them and most old fiber is falling apart because they are of my father in-law's rugs. Also our big girl's bedroom need a coordinating shaggy rugs for her shaggy carpet. We can buy new rugs hopefully before this years ends, God hear our wishes.

We have been waiting forever for the Will to be executed, waiting for the husband to receive his part but then it is unclear as to when it is going to be over. The processing is slow as turtle that we almost lost our faith with them. Anyway, shopping for rugs are one of the things that topped our list for the home.

I know exactly where to find good quality rugs. If we cannot find them at our local home improvement stores then is a good place to be shopping for rugs and other stuff pertaining to the beautification and improvement of our humble and cozy home. The company has all types of rugs available in a large variety of sizes, styles and colors. They are known to be the online rugs retailer based in London, UK and have been in the rug industry for many years.

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iconrugs said...

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