Monday, October 10, 2011

Mailboxes And Such

Every day I am wondering as to when we can get our home remodeling projects started. We are waiting for something to happen that could really help our plans be realized. The question is, WHEN? We have had some heavy downpour for the past two days and I am concerned whether we are going to have a leak in the roof and potentially damage our stuff inside the house or will there be hails and damage all four cars parked outside? Or strong gusty winds could knock down our mailbox and lose our important mails that will come in the next days because the mail man has nowhere to put the mails? Too many unanswered questions.

While that linger in our minds, we cannot stop hoping and continue making plans for the better of our home. Part of the plan obviously is to look at mailboxes and mailbox posts and hopefully replace the ancient mailbox we have. Also, looking at address plaques make me want to include to have one as well so people can clearly our address from the road.

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