Monday, October 17, 2011

WordPress Themes

Two of my blogs are on WordPress platform. I created accounts on WordPress not so long ago for a change. For years, most of my blogs are in Blogger. So I decided to try WP after all they do have custom wordpress theme created by wordpress themes designers that are really cute. But, the only thing I can complain about it is that, it needs some familiarization because for me who is (not a blogging savvy) find it very confusing to use. However though, I still got cute custom blog design for my two blogs that fit for the topic and I plan of changing a layout for my gardening blog.

I don't when I can do that but eventually I will. For now, I am mourning for the death of my father so I just take blogging slowly. I would just probably decline some tasks for my brain can't function very well. And as to changing the layout, that can always wait. When things are better, I would definitely look for the cutest WordPress theme for home and garden.

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Candrameda Al Ghozali said...

thanks for sharing n I loved your blog!!!


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