Monday, October 3, 2011

ImTOO DVD Ripper

I am using Windows Vista as my operating system. I have not upgraded to Windows 7 yet. My computer is at least almost four years old and I am pretty sure the programs along with other software installed in this computer since we bought it need an upgrade. I have used the music rip software in this computer several times from the past, and now I don't even know if it is still working nor it does need some upgrade as well. How awful huh for not being sure if some features of this computer still working or need upgrades.

One day when we have the money, I would like to have a DVD rip software bought from so I can easily rip movies in my computer and watch it wherever I go, whenever I feel like watching movie. ImTOO not only has ImTOO DVD Ripper but they also offer DVD ripper software for movie fans online. If you ever need a DVD ripper of some sort, I would like you to visit on their site or simply click on the links here and see what other program or software available for you.

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