Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dropping ECs from My Inbox

For months it's in my thoughts that dropping from my inbox is a lot of hassles compared to bookmarking of sites method. I was doing the latter method for the entire time I'm on EC world but then I realized that not all of the sites that I have bookmarked on return my drops. I lost the game and decided to find another way on how to make my dropping smooth, fast and easy.

Then not so long ago, a friend of mine whose name is Twerlyn gave me a tip on how to drop ECs real quick without leaving from drop inbox. Ok, guys I'm sharing it here now what she told me. Go to your drop inbox and choose "cards you haven't dropped on" then hold down and press CTRL key then just click and click on the cards that shows.

I tell you, it works for me now. I used to think of dropping as "MOUNT CALVARY". I suffer and consumed much of my time. Now, I think of doing it as a hobby.

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Merydith said...

Mao na jud na akong gibuhat An sauna pa nga bag-o pa ko sa blogging. Paspas ra bitaw jud basta ingon anaon kay sa tagsa tagsaon.


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