Friday, December 5, 2008

Woud-Be Bride Filipina Swept To Sea

I was horrified when Rosalie called me to come read the online news' headline about a bride-to-be Filipina being swept away to sea in the Oregon coast. Poor girl, if she didn't come to America, she would still be alive until now but.. maybe it's her fate to die that way.

"NESKOWIN, Ore. — A romantic marriage proposal on the Oregon coast turned deadly for the bride-to-be when a wave swept her out to sea." To read more on this just visit or click it here Romantic Proposal.

I hope her body will be recovered soon so the family can bury her in the Philippines.


Mel Alarilla said...

Hi Byotipol,
Yes, I read this in the newspaper. It is tragic really. I blame the intended groom for picking a dangerous place to make that marriage proposal. It should have been in a safer place. Hayun, hindi pa man, nabiyudo na. I pity the relatives of the Filipina. They should sue him for putting the lives of their relative in total jeopardy. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Utah Mommy said...

i felt so sorry for the girl. If that's really an unintentional tragedy, how come the guy didn't know that the waves there are very notorious to kill people? As what i have read on the news that the high waves will suddenly appear without a little warning. Poor girl, she came here in America just to die. I can picture out in my mind now how her family saddened about the tragedy.

Lanie said...

I don't understand why the groom as well pick the dangerous spot for married proposal. He should know better than her because he lived here. I felt heartache to her family in the Philippines.


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