Tuesday, December 23, 2008

There's One Coming Out

My baby has no appetite eating her meals. I have to force her to eat sometimes just so she can have something to fill in her hungry stomach. Yes, she loves milk and will not say no if I give some milk but I don't feel it's enough to sustain her little growing body.

As much as possible, I try feeding my baby three times a day of her solid or table food. If I skip one meal that will haunt me and feel guilty about not taking care of her very well. I feel like I'm not a good mother if I can't attend my baby's needs.

So today I notice that she doesn't like eating her food and wants to fight with me each time I bring the spoon into her mouth. I tried feeling her gum in the upper part and there is some hardness in there that concludes she might be teething. There might be another tooth coming out in the next few days. Aside from the hard enamel that can be felt in there, I also saw there's something in the upper part that is whitish.. probably a tooth eh? Another thing that proves she is teething is that she sticks her tongue out all the time and drools alot.

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