Sunday, December 7, 2008

Whatta Mess

Is this the start of being hit by the strongest whirlwind? As you can see, the floor is so messy for our little creature was having fun giving her mommy a job to do. We can no longer put books or newspapers within her reach for she surely play with them, tear them into pieces or scatter them all over the floor.

It's ok though for I can still handle the mess. Once I am tired of following after her mess then that will be the time to really start packing things away from her. Same thing in our bedroom, right now it's a lot of mess in there and I would just fix it before I go to bed tonight.


Twerlyn said...

wow! hehe! cge lang gud total nabasa mo naman ng mga magazines..hehe! wala sa nako huna2ang time na ing ana na kadako c bbA, im sure kapoy kaau na ba..karon gani kapoy na.mag tikling na jud ko ani samot kadugayan.agoi

Merydith said...

Sos Anne before we had Frankie and karon among balay ni hugo. Daghan na jud kaayo mi ug gipanglabay ug gipang put away. Hopefully mo lapas na ni si Kiko sa iyang ka koryoso uy. Maayo na ra ba kaayo mo kat-kat.


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