Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miswa Baby

I just finished feeding my baby her dinner. She had nothing but little bit of rice and half bowl soup of miswa. It is cooked with sauteed garlic, sardines, water, miswa and onion leaves. I put ample amount of garlic in there so to help us cure the cold we have.

Anyways, baby liked it a lot, she ate it non-stop until she finished eating it all. That shows filipina side of her. I trained her to eat what I eat so it won't be hard for me to feed her while we're in the Philippines. Good girl she is as always.


Renz said...

hi..will you want to join a prayer brigade?

""rare*jonRez"" said...

whoa ka-lami!!!!

ako pud magluto ko karon ug tinapa, pero odong lang ang sagol! :P kaso lang, ako ra mag antus ug kaon diri sa amoa kay si bana, di man mokaon ug tinapa. ang anak niliwat sa amahan. saon, ako ra jud ani karon magpapura. LOL

Vivien said...

Hi! I love miswa with sardines too. It's one of the my favorites. Good job for training your baby.


poray said...

halata jud na mga bisaya ning atong mga anak dai, lol..ako anak sa tanan na pinoy foods na ako i-offer ang paborito lng ky misua ug pansit bihon


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