Thursday, December 4, 2008


We bought this sky blue doggy pad originally for Deden to put in her playpen but it is too big and too bulky for her so I just let it sat beside the pen until one day the dog Chichai igat used it without any permission.

Deden only likes to use it when on the floor but I don't like her crawling all the time. If she does, she'll get on the pad with the dog of course and they'll play together.

Good thing though that the dog is sure kind enough to share her pad to Deden and not feeling jealous about it.


SHIELA said...

pag ka cute na lang jud sa imong baby ann. kinahanglan na siguro na manghuran kay nangita na man kadula :)

tuod salamat sa mga tambag :)

Utah Mommy said...

Ka cute ba, mura na gyud sila igsuon by heart woi.


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