Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What Happen To Paid Blogging Sites?

Tsk tsk tsk... I am empty handed now. It's been so so slow for my blogging since December 1st. I don't know what's going on to the biggest paid blogging site lately. There are a lot of red opps come out each time they release them but there is almost none for 0 PR blogs like mine.
Also one thing I notice is that 5 payout opp nowadays demands 200 words each. Unlike the old days that is usually just 50 words composition and voila! You can submit it right away that will give you a chance to grab another task to do. Could it be that they're also affected with the crisis?
Honestly, I lost my motivation to do the refreshing thing on their site because I end up getting nothing. My days ends and I don't make money at all. This is soooo tiring, everyday of my life I do nothing but trying to wait for opps... call me pamugasay because it's true and I won't deny it. lolzz...

1 comment:

Mizé said...

I noticed the same. This month I made half of what I used to do. Maybe it´s the crisis.
Anyway, I was passing to wish you a Good Christmas!


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