Friday, August 21, 2009

webhosting geeks

When I started blogging I didn't pay much attention as to how important getting my own domain as well as getting a reliable webhosting for all my sites until I got involved into paid blogging. My sole purpose of putting up a blog on the world wide web is just for personal use wherein I can burst out all my emotion as well as the wonderful happening of my journey here in foreign land with my husband.

Little did I know that as I get hooked into blogging, time will come that I needed to transfer 3 of my blogs to domains. Then eventually getting a webhostingto at least one of them so I can have a peace of mind. Currently, I do have a free webhosting from blogger. You know too many people are on it and I am afraid it would crash on me one day. So do you think it is the right time to start looking for that most reviewed, most used and most dependable webhosting site? I guess so and I think where to go to find that one site, at also provides infomation on their BLOG\about the latest trends, industry news, products and discussions and so much more. So if you are also looking for a webhosting, it's your perfect place to be looking for that.

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