Friday, August 28, 2009

How Nice Of Them

These are very recent snaps of my cousins and my brother in Davao. I stole this from my cousin Dianne's profile on Facebook yesterday. I can't help to be jealous with them because as you can see on their faces, they are having a good time seeing each other once again.

My cousins on father's side all live in Davao and we rarely see them even when we were still in the Philippines but when we do, we're as close as siblings. I ammmm sooo freakin' jealous of them. Right now, my other cousin is texting me that my brother and Jofil are in their house. Paibog mani mga tawhana oi! Lucky is WIlson the one in white shirt because after such long years working in Dubai, he now spends time with our family as well as our relatives in Davao.
...... Jofil, Dianne and Maming Iling landit creating a solid bond together at my Tita's house in Matina, Davao City..
..... maming and Jofil nagka team kinabuang...

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