Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swiss Hotels

Switzerland is famous for its green and very clean surrounding as well as its Swiss alps. I have only seen the beautiful scenery on t.v but somehow admired how this country looking so fresh and pretty. If I could go for a vacation, I would definitely choose to go to Switzerland and experience the historic and seductive blend of tradition and comfort that Swiss Hotels are offering. For me it is the best escape from your mind boggling job. Where else can you find that service that is a touch more personal, with an atmosphere that is real and authentic and most of all, food that is down to earth you simply can't resist.

Going abroad for a vacation should be fun and adventure especially if you are new to that place. Of course the very first thing you have to do is find that hotel to rest and be comfortable at the end of the day. You would want it to be located by the lake or river so you will feel closer to the nature and be able to breathe that fresh air you need. Oh Switzerland, how I wish I can visit you personally someday, not just in my dreams but in real life.



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