Monday, August 17, 2009

Justina McCaffrey

We were watching THE BRIDE WARS movie starred by Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson the other night and we found this movie to be silly but uplifting. The movie was about two best of friends who dreamed of having their wedding at a very special place they've been 20 years ago. When the right time came, both of the girls got engaged at the same day and they decided to get married same month and same place which they both wished their wedding to be held since they were kids.

Well, anyways, I am talking about this movie because it's all about wedding preparations they had to do which reminds me of my wedding too. I had to undergo hassles just to pick everything I like including picking that special gown I wanted to wear on my special day. I happened to look at Justina McCaffrey designs on the internet too and thought her creations were amazing! But I didn't buy hers. I end up buying the ones made locally at a boutique in our local area. It was very nice though and perfect for me.

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