Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wow More Than A Hundred Today

Looks like it's my lucky day in EC Dropping today. I thank you guys for dropping your ec cards today that made a triple digit of 118 drops on this blog. How happy I am to receive such tremendous amount of bloggers who peek at this very dull blog of mine here.

It's the first time in long history of EC dropping of getting such number and for that I am very grateful to have you all. Since I got addicted to farm town, my dropping EC habits changed drastically. I felt lazy sometimes and I end up not doing it for days. Until one time I realized opportunities with good payouts stop coming in just because of my stupidity for letting my dropping slip away while the fact is, I could get free advertisement through Entrecard.

Thus, my valued droppers will be assured that they will be hit back once I see them in my EC dashboard. Mark my word and I'll be in your drops inbox too smiling back at you!

1 comment:

Sweetrio said...

Morning Dhay! Sayo ko nanumbalay para mangape aning imong mansion. Wala pa gyod tawon ko kalugar ug reply sa imong taas nga mensahe kay ako pang gihimuan ug draft para gyod clear....LOL! Naa pa koy award nga ipasahay nimo wa pa nako na post. Bisita ko utro pagmahuman ko ug kayod. Pagka nice man gyod gakson ug hugot kaayo ning imong mestisa oy. Pag ka cute na man lang gyod niya with her posing, na wala damit....!


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