Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fussiness And Gas

My baby gets real fussy during early evening until almost midnight. She's a very good girl,when she feels alright she could sleep for hours without waking or crying.I noticed that since we switch formula from Similac Advance to Similac with Iron she could get fussy because of gas. It is troublesome for me because if she does she would not allow me to put her down until gas will go away.It's ok with me to carry her but I also have other things to do at night,unsaon nalang ang blogging no?

Good thing that I have aciete de manzanilla--antiflatulent oil for babies that could help alot.Also my husband would let baby lay in her stomach by carrying her in his arms. She could feel the relief right away when daddy does it to her.


Carrie Smith said...

Switched to similac advance to similac with iron...sounds like what we did and all four of our kids were fussy afterwards. They couldn't handle the formula with iron, it gas them gas also. We switched them back it wasn't worth seeing them so upset and in pain....just something to think about.

take care

Anonymous said...

psst,do you always let jadyn burp after feeding?it helps too and the bottle positioning matters,remember sa childcare?

yeah,you should also let her sleep on her tummy at times.When lying maybe you can put her on your tummy.I didn't experience having problems(gas) with Shiela but I know that it would help.


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