Tuesday, March 4, 2008

cd rates

Want the best for your checking accounts,savings accounts and certificate deposit or the thing that they call CD from banks and credit unions across the country? Compare rates or get to know what is the best rate in the country by going to emoneycentral.com to compare cd rates. I do want or looking for a bank that could give me a fair amount of percentage once I open an account to them because the current one I have instead of making money,the are the once making money out of me.I am not happy about it you know?

Good thing that I found eMoneyCentral.com because I can view the listing of checking accounts that earn up to 6.00% annual percentage yield (apy) and online savings accounts that earn up to 4.60% annual percentage yield.Sounds good isn't it?

Visit the website now to compare rates on savings accounts,checking accounts, and CD accounts on rate pages which are easily reached by a top navigation bar

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