Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lazy Waking Up Early

Argsss!! I hate it when I wake up early because there is an early appointment to catch up.I don't mind getting up early morning if it is my own will,because I like to not that's gonna be cold tomorrow!! I think I heard on the news again that we're gonna be snowing tomorrow,we'll see.

Another dentist appointment.I just had my teeth cleaning last Monday and tomorrow I'll have to show up again in their office for a small cavity need to be filled up.Hayyy are they really concern of my mouth or just want my husband's money? shhhhhhhh don't tell it to them lol..just kidding here...


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Byotipol,
I think both. They are concerned with you and at the same time, they want your husband's money. He, he, he, *lol* Ganun talaga ang kalakaran ngayon. Kanya kanyang racket, ika nga. Hindi pa ba kayo nagdedemo diyan ng mga Pinays para patalsikin si Gloria. He, he, he, baka mahuli kayo sa balita. Napadaan lang po. Kumusta kayong lahat diyan. God bless you all especially si cute Jadyn. Pakikurot naman. He, he, he, joke lang!

munchkin mommy said...

hi texas sweetie! :) napadaan lang kahit hindi photo meme day. :) the weather here in austin has also been crazy the past few days! and today, it rained! teka, you get snow? that's not fair! hahaha! gusto ko naman konting snow lang. ayaw ko yung makabali ng likod na pagshoshovel. hee hee!

good luck on your dentist appointment and enjoy the rest of the week. cheers!

Munchkin Mommy
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Haze said...

Money, I


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