Monday, March 3, 2008

I Can Never Drive A Car

Whoaaa I think I can never learn how to drive a car because I don't even know how to maneuver a stroller.Funny to think that it is only a stroller and cannot roll it properly. The other day we went for grocery shopping at Tom Thumb's with lalabs and baby. Lalabs was the one pushing the cart while I was incharge of the baby.

I was so careless because I hit my husband's foot real hard,I knew it hurts him because I saw his ankle color red.He just never said a word instead looked at me and nagpaiknat sa kilay. Not only it happened once but many times and why of all people it's my lalabs that I often hit with the stroller?

So the shopping went on,I went to the vegetables section,it was kinda crowded there and carts are everywhere,blocking my way as there was only very small space for carts,I push and push until I hit other people's cart. I am just glad that the man did not get angry with me for hitting his cart..shame shame...very shameful of me thinking I cannot even do the pushing of stroller right,how much more if I drive a more bigger vehicle? Naks..making me freak out!

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Maybe you should get a driver's license to push those grocery cart and your stroller. He, he, he, *lol*
Paano ka nga matututong magmaneho ng kotse eh sa stroller lang nakakabangga ka na. Kawawa ang mga tao kapag nagmaneho ka na ng kotse. he, he, he. Me sisigaw ng: tabi kayo dumarating na ang kotseng minamaneho ni Byotipol. Baka mapisak kayong parang kamatis. He, he, he, Para kang si Spongebob Squarepants na hindi pumasa pasa sa driving test. He, he, he, Bye na at regards ke hubby mo at kay Jadyn. God bless you all. Bigyan mo naman ako ng group links. Pinaparami ko ang traffic sa site ko para makakuha ng commercial ads later on. Tenx ulit.


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