Monday, March 3, 2008

So Cute When She Cries

I'm a crazy mother for finding my daughter so cute when she cries.I just love watching her making different facial expressions when crying a little bit.Gosh I could kiss her to the max when she does that.I don't find it annoying at all instead beauty is what I see in her.She really looks pretty showing her gums,no teeth at all plus the redish/pinkish chunky cheeks..awss hehehe...

An instance that totally blow me away was that couple of hours ago,I sang along with Ramiele Malubay on her video on youtube. I get close to my baby and sing loud enough for her to hear and look at her in the eyes,she looked at me too then suddenly ni daku mata! Giving me a look telling me like "nabuang siguro ni ako mama!"? I kind of chuckled of the thought afterwards.

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