Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sad Story

I hate it when I hear a sad story of the people close to me,from my friends,family and relatives.Even from people I don't know,hearing their unfortunate fate makes me feel pity for them.Just like last night when lalabs arrived home from work,he told me a very sad story of a 2 months and half old baby died.

It was the babysitter was left to take care of the baby.She feed,changed nappy,make the baby comfortable and put to sleep. She let him/her(as lalabs did not mention the gender of the baby) asleep in her stomach for 4 hours in the sofa. The babysitter was so confident to just let the baby to sleep for that long hours as she was busy looking after the eldest sibling.When she got back to check on the baby,there she was, no breathing.As in the BABY WAS ALREADY DEAD!!

It saddened me for I know how it feels like losing a child.I'm a mother too,anything bad happen to the baby will caused so much pain to the parents. I really feel sorry to the baby. I don't know whether the babysitter is going to jail or not as they the trial is still going right now...


Annie said...

hala kalooy sad sa baby oi... mao na ang trabaho nga di akong kahadlokan diri kay na kaso gyud... pastilan wala nag amping ang babysitter na basin ma preso na siya

""rare*jonRez"" said...

namatay sa SIDS? luoya sa baby oi. unsa sad to nga babysitter nga wa man training. wa man seminar about SIDS. hahayyyy... sad story indeed!

julai said...

hi anne,musta na?hope u r doing fine..mamalihug unta ko pa link sa ahong other blogs diri guapa kung ok lng..unja ug mahimo i link pod sa imong other blogs..and i'll also do the same..

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unya i message lng unja ko sa urls sa imong other blogs guapa ha..happy weekend.


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