Friday, March 7, 2008

Message for Carrie

For Carrie Smith,this is for you. I appreciate your frequent visits to my blog because it flatters me so much of you taking the time to peek me here.I know how busy you are as a mother of 4 and yet you still manage to stop by my blog.

I wanted to return your visits but for some reason,each time I attempted to open your blog,my computer hang up on me.I tried the 2 other blog of yours too but still do the same thing. I feel so bad though for not being able to visit you for quite a while now! I hope that you can read this and understand that what happens to my computer is beyond my control.

I may keep trying to get to your blog as I am itching to know what's new with you and your family.Hope that you keep coming back here because you put a smile on my face! Thanks so much Carrie!

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