Sunday, March 9, 2008

Goodbye Camera

I so regret for being so clumsy for our valuable things. Hohohoho I am so sad and feel stupid of myself for losing the very important thing in my life,my camera.Yes,I broke it and it probably be gone forever.It's all because of me!

On thursday we went to shop for shoes at DSW despite of the nasty weather.I was so happy for I added another 2 pairs of my shoe collection,yes happy until we got out from that store doing something stupid.I put my camera and bottled milk together in a small pouch and put it in the stroller.When we're done shopping,we folded the stroller to put in the trunk not thinking that the pouch is there,we drove off the parking lot and suddenly realized that my camera is not with me.I looked at the place where we park the car and there it goes,lying on the ground.

I picked it up but damn,it was so wet and the bottle of milk is smashed.Later we know why it happened,lalabs roll it over! Smashing the bottle as well as creating a dent to the camera.The milk was spill all over and wet the camera inside out.Now it is damaged.I don't know if I'm still gonna get one for me because it's the second time akon gidangangan ang camera.

It's a big screen Sony Cybershot camera,barely new for we bought it couple months ago but have not reached a year.Hohohoh I so regret it!

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laura said...

waaaa too bad,sayang naman pero ala na tayo magagawa d naman natin ginusto mangyari yun,anyway wag na u ma sad kc nabibili naman yan unlike if d nabibili mawala d ba?so ingat nalang nxt tym


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