Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back to Prison again

I have been out of the house the last few days for appointments and yesterday,me and my baby went to Rose's house just to visit and laag to their place.We spent our whole Saturday at their house.First,we had a fine lunch at Taste of Asia Restaurant with Rose,Annie and not forgetting my baby.

We headed to her house right away and stayed their until dark as we had no plan of going somewhere else.We chitchat alot,watched a movie and before going to each respective house,Rose cooked some pancit bihon for the girls and hmm I must be loved for she gave me the leftover of the pancit for me to eat.Thanks Rose for the accommodation yesterday.

Now that my husband is working,I am back to prison again and do the usual stuff,blogging and household chores.Hmmm..its ok for I had enough of the outdoor already.

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