Monday, September 17, 2007

Winery Tour

"Our love is like the finest wine; as it ages over time, the taste becomes simply divine." --Source Unknown

Did you know that nearly every state in the US has a wine region? That means with a little planning you could probably enjoy a nice day trip fairly easily. If you and your partner appreciate the fine taste of a good wine, a tour of your local wineries is a great way to spend the day together.

Getting Started…

To find your local wine region, you'll either need to call your local visitor's bureau or use the search terms "your city name here winery" to pull up listings. Once you've decided on the wineries you'd like to visit, make a rough route of the way you will travel. You can also call around to see if there are transportation packages to the wineries.

Most wineries will have a tasting room where you can sample their featured wines. Be sure to call ahead to get their tasting hours. The samples are usually free and you will be able to purchase any bottle of a wine you especially liked.

The Romantic Touch…

Limo for Two
The ultimate, romantic way to plan this day trip is to have transportation provided, preferably through a limousine service. This way you can both imbibe and enjoy each other's company without worrying about driving home.

Picnic for Two
Many wineries offer their grounds for picnics. What could be more romantic than enjoying a picnic lunch surrounded by lush grapevines? Either pack a light lunch ahead of time or see if the winery you plan to lunch at has a café or deli.

Photo Journal
Bring a camera and a journal to keep notes of each wine you've tasted and whether you both liked it or not. Take a picture of the winery (or have someone take a picture of you both at the winery) and affix it to the page with your notes about that winery. If you decide to visit other wineries across the country, this can serve as a romantic memory book.

Live Events
Check the winery's schedule of events to see if there is anything coming up that you know you and your partner might like. Many wineries offer live music, grape stomping and other festivities that could add to the ambience of the day.

Love Hunt
For an anniversary or other special occasions arrange ahead of time to have someone give your partner little messages or gifts at each winery. When your partner arrives they will be delighted and surprised at your foresight. This sets a great stage for a wedding proposal!

Alternative Ideas…

Wines can be made out of a variety of different plants and fruits. Look around for specialty wineries for something a little different from the norm such as dandelion wine, apple wine, strawberry wine, or pear wine.

Instead of going out for a wine tasting, try one at home. Some restaurants also offer wine tastings with their menu selections. Call around and see what you can find!

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